Job TitleCompanyLocationDate PostedUrl
Data ScientistVeevaToronto24/9/2023Apply Now
Data EngineerVeevaToronto24/9/2023Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistVeevaToronto24/9/2023Apply Now
Data Scientist IINetomiRemote24/9/2023Apply Now
Data ScientistTop HatRemote24/9/2023Apply Now
Data EngineerPlusgradeToronto24/9/2023Apply Now
Machine Learning EngineerWaveRemote24/9/2023Apply Now
Senior Machine Learning ResearcherSanctuary AIVancouver17/9/2023Apply Now
Machine Learning EngineerAAVAAMontreal17/9/2023Apply Now
Neuroscience Machine Learning EngineerAAVAAMontreal17/9/2023Apply Now
Senior Machine Learning EngineerOpenTableVancouver17/9/2023Apply Now
Senior Machine Learning EngineerOpenTableToronto17/9/2023Apply Now
Senior Machine Learning EngineerOpenTableMontreal17/9/2023Apply Now
Machine Learning EngineerLoblaw DigitalToronto12/9/2023Apply Now
Senior Machine Learning EngineerLoblaw DigitalToronto12/9/2023Apply Now
Sr. Machine Learning EngineerHighspotVancouver12/9/2023Apply Now
Data Science InternWealthsimpleToronto12/9/2023Apply Now
Data Science ManagerWealthsimpleRemote12/9/2023Apply Now
ML Engineering ManagerBenchSciToronto12/9/2023Apply Now
ML Engineering ManagerBenchSciOttawa12/9/2023Apply Now
ML Engineering ManagerBenchSciMontreal12/9/2023Apply Now
Senior Machine Learning EngineerBenchSciToronto12/9/2023Apply Now
Staff EngineerBenchSciRemote12/9/2023Apply Now
Machine Learning EngineerDeep GenomicsToronto12/9/2023Apply Now
Data EngineerBadalToronto12/9/2023Apply Now
Lead Data EngineerBadalToronto12/9/2023Apply Now
Senior Data EngineerBadalToronto12/9/2023Apply Now
Data Engineering LeadEnableToronto3/9/2023Apply Now
Data EngineerPaytmToronto3/9/2023Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistPaytmToronto3/9/2023Apply Now
Lead Data ScientistVeryRemote3/9/2023Apply Now
Lead Data ScientistVeryVancouver3/9/2023Apply Now
Principal Data ScientistGetty ImagesRemote3/9/2023Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistGetty ImagesRemote3/9/2023Apply Now
Senior Machine Learning EngineerGetty ImagesToronto3/9/2023Apply Now
Data Science InternOverbondRemote3/9/2023Apply Now
Data ScientistOverbondRemote3/9/2023Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistOverbondRemote3/9/2023Apply Now
Senior Data EngineercollectiveiQuebec City3/9/2023Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistcollectiveiQuebec City3/9/2023Apply Now
Data ScientistFocal SystemsToronto27/8/2023Apply Now
Data EngineerLeddarTechQuebec City27/8/2023Apply Now
Data EngineerLong View SystemsRemote27/8/2023Apply Now
Senior Data Scientist IEvisortRemote27/8/2023Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistSonatypeRemote27/8/2023Apply Now
Applied Research ScientistThompson ReutersToronto27/8/2023Apply Now
Senior Applied Research ScientistThompson ReutersToronto27/8/2023Apply Now
Senior Applied Research ScientistThompson ReutersRemote27/8/2023Apply Now
Sr Applied Research ScientistThompson ReutersToronto27/8/2023Apply Now
Sr Applied Research EngineerThompson ReutersToronto27/8/2023Apply Now
Applied Machine Learning ScientistThompson ReutersToronto27/8/2023Apply Now
Sr Applied Machine Learning ScientistThompson ReutersToronto27/8/2023Apply Now
Senior Machine Learning EngineerSoundHoundToronto20/8/2023Apply Now
Machine Learning ArchitectCaylentRemote20/8/2023Apply Now
Senior Big Data EngineerCaylentRemote20/8/2023Apply Now
Machine Learning EngineertheScoreToronto20/8/2023Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistUnityToronto17/8/2023Apply Now
Data AnalystUnityMontreal17/8/2023Apply Now
Senior Information SpecialistFarm Credit CanadaRegina17/8/2023Apply Now
Data AnalystFarm Credit CanadaRegina17/8/2023Apply Now
Intermediate Data Software DeveloperHootsuiteToronto17/8/2023Apply Now
Intermediate Data Software DeveloperHootsuiteMontreal17/8/2023Apply Now
Intermediate Data Software DeveloperHootsuiteOttawa17/8/2023Apply Now
Data Software DeveloperHootsuiteToronto17/8/2023Apply Now
Data Software DeveloperHootsuiteVancouver17/8/2023Apply Now
Machine Learning Senior ManagerSSENSEToronto9/8/2023Apply Now
Machine Learning Senior ManagerSSENSEMontreal9/8/2023Apply Now
Data Science Senior ManagerWalmartMississauga9/8/2023Apply Now
Data Science ManagerWalmartMississauga9/8/2023Apply Now
Senior Data Science AnalystWalmartMississauga9/8/2023Apply Now
Senior Data EngineerWalmartMississauga9/8/2023Apply Now
Senior Data EngineerWalmartMississauga9/8/2023Apply Now
Data EngineerStackAdaptRemote6/8/2023Apply Now
Data ScientistStackAdaptRemote6/8/2023Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistStackAdaptRemote6/8/2023Apply Now
Data ScientistTop HatRemote6/8/2023Apply Now
Data Scientist IITD BankToronto6/8/2023Apply Now
Data Scientist ITD BankToronto6/8/2023Apply Now
Data Analytics EngineerIBMDurham6/8/2023Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistTRM LabsRemote6/8/2023Apply Now
Senior Staff ML EngineerMozillaRemote6/8/2023Apply Now
Fraud Data ScientistInteracToronto6/8/2023Apply Now
Data EngineerKinaxisOttawa30/7/2023Apply Now
Data EngineerKinaxisRemote30/7/2023Apply Now
Data Engineering ManagerKinaxisOttawa30/7/2023Apply Now
Data Engineering ManagerKinaxisRemote30/7/2023Apply Now
Data EngineerChainalysisRemote30/7/2023Apply Now
Data Engineer IIChainalysisRemote30/7/2023Apply Now
Senior Data EngineerShyftLabsToronto30/7/2023Apply Now
Machine Learning EngineerShakudoToronto23/7/2023Apply Now
Senior Applied ResearcherSanctuary AIVancouver23/7/2023Apply Now
Reinforcement Learning Principal ScientistSanctuary AIVancouver23/7/2023Apply Now
Distinguished AI TechnologistSanctuary AIVancouver23/7/2023Apply Now
Data ScientistDialogueMontreal23/7/2023Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistLightspeedMontreal23/7/2023Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistLightspeedToronto23/7/2023Apply Now
Data EngineerWattpadToronto16/7/2023Apply Now
Data EngineerWattpadHalifax16/7/2023Apply Now
Data EngineerWattpadRemote16/7/2023Apply Now
Analytics Data EngineerWattpadRemote16/7/2023Apply Now
Analytics Data EngineerWattpadToronto16/7/2023Apply Now
Analytics Data EngineerWattpadHalifax16/7/2023Apply Now
Lead Data EngineerHorizonToronto16/7/2023Apply Now
Product Data ScientistHorizonRemote16/7/2023Apply Now
Machine Learning EngineerWaabiRemote16/7/2023Apply Now
Senior Machine Learning EngineerWaabiToronto16/7/2023Apply Now
Staff Machine Learning EngineerWaabiRemote16/7/2023Apply Now
Machine Learning ScientistProteinQureToronto16/7/2023Apply Now
Machine Learning Team LeadProteinQureToronto16/7/2023Apply Now
Data ScientistSGIRegina12/7/2023Apply Now
Senior Data EngineerViral NationKitchener9/7/2023Apply Now
VP Data ScienceViral NationKitchener9/7/2023Apply Now
Machine Learning EngineerRedditVancouver9/7/2023Apply Now
Staff Machine Learning EngineerRedditRemote9/7/2023Apply Now
Staff Machine Learning EngineerRedditRemote9/7/2023Apply Now
Data ScientistZestyAICalgary9/7/2023Apply Now
Data ScientistZestyAIVancouver9/7/2023Apply Now
Data ScientistZestyAIMontreal9/7/2023Apply Now
Data ScientistZestyAIRemote9/7/2023Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistZestyAIToronto9/7/2023Apply Now

Data Science Jobs Canada - Data Scientist Jobs in Canada

Find a Data Science Job in Canada

Looking for a Data Science Job in Canada? Data Science Jobs Canada has you covered. Easy to use, and let's you quickly review and apply to jobs all over the country. Become a data scientist today!

We specialize in bringing you top jobs from across Canada. If you're looking for employment in Ontario, British Columbia, or Quebec, there are lots of options. Even if you're looking for a position in more precise location, like TorontoOttawaVancouverMontreal, or Calgary, Data Science Jobs Canada makes it easy.

Entry Level Data Science Jobs in Canada

If you're new to data science and looking for an entry level job, a junior position, or are a "fresher" or student, use the filter function to find Junior Data Scientist Jobs or internships. You can also click any job title to get more details and share the link. Many of these jobs provide visa sponsorship and are available to foreigners!

It can be intimidating to start, but with our succinct presentation, you can apply to a variety of companies and find a job to grow your career.

Senior, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence Positions

Senior positions, including Senior Data Engineer, Machine Learning specialist, and AI roles, are also in high demand. Click the title of each table column to better sort and discover what's available today. We link directly to the company sites and application pages to speed up your job search.

After filtering, your job search will soon be over. You'll have lots of options in terms of industry and company stage: both enterprise and start-up companies are on our list! Find the challenge that's right for you, in an industry that is the best fit.

We update the job listings weekly, so you'll never miss an opportunity! To stay in the loop on new jobs, be sure to join our mailing list. We only contact you for new jobs, so the messages you receive will be straight to the point (just like this site!). Data science is a fast paced career, so it's good to stay in the loop!

Search by Region

Ontario Data Science Jobs - Toronto is always a popular hub for senior technology jobs, and more jobs can be found in Waterloo, Brampton, Ottawa, Mississauga, Markham, and more!

BC Data Science Jobs - Data science jobs in BC are primarily available in Vancouver.

Alberta Data Science Jobs - Find data science employment in Calgary and Edmonton.

Quebec Data Science Jobs - Machine learning jobs in Quebec can be found in Montreal, Quebec City, and Anjou.

Manitoba Data Science Jobs - Manitoba data scientist and data engineer roles are often based in Winnipeg.

Saskatchewan Data Science Jobs - Regina and Saskatoon are the main cities for data scientist jobs in Saskatchewan.

Nova Scotia Data Science Jobs - Get hired as a data science expert in Halifax!

Data Science Jobs in Canadian Provinces and Territories - You can work as a data scientist in PEI, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nunavut, Northwest Territories, Yukon, but the positions are primarily remote!

Canadian companies are hiring Data Scientists!

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