Job TitleCompanyLocationDate PostedUrl
Data AnalystVertexVictoria13/4/2024Apply Now
Data ScientistGrammarlyVancouver6/4/2024Apply Now
Natural Language Research DirectorGrammarlyVancouver6/4/2024Apply Now
Machine Learning EngineerGrammarlyVancouver6/4/2024Apply Now
Senior Analytics EngineerGrammarlyVancouver6/4/2024Apply Now
Data ScientistWorkdayVancouver6/4/2024Apply Now
Senior Machine Learning EngineerWorkdayVancouver6/4/2024Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistMicrosoftVancouver1/4/2024Apply Now
AI Software EngineerMicrosoftVancouver1/4/2024Apply Now
Big Data Senior EngineerMicrosoftVancouver1/4/2024Apply Now
Senior Data ArchitectSoftchoiceVancouver10/3/2024Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistSoftchoiceVancouver10/3/2024Apply Now
Machine Learning PhD InternAspect BiosystemsVancouver3/2/2024Apply Now
Senior Data EngineerLightciVancouver25/1/2024Apply Now
Geoscience Data AnalystMineSenseVancouver7/1/2024Apply Now
Data EngineerGeoComplyVancouver17/12/2023Apply Now
Lead Data ScientistMastercardVancouver19/11/2023Apply Now
Lead Machine Learning EngineerMastercardVancouver19/11/2023Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistMastercardVancouver19/11/2023Apply Now
Data ScientistLightspark Inc.Vancouver19/11/2023Apply Now
Data Scientist EducatorBrainStationVancouver2/11/2023Apply Now
Data Scientist Associate EducatorBrainStationVancouver2/11/2023Apply Now
Data ScientistAmazonVancouver2/11/2023Apply Now
Big Data EngineerAmazonVancouver2/11/2023Apply Now
Principal Data ArchitectTeck Resources LimitedVancouver23/10/2023Apply Now
Data Science ManagerTeck Resources LimitedVancouver23/10/2023Apply Now
Senior Machine Learning ResearcherSanctuary AIVancouver17/9/2023Apply Now
Senior Machine Learning EngineerOpenTableVancouver17/9/2023Apply Now
Sr. Machine Learning EngineerHighspotVancouver12/9/2023Apply Now
Lead Data ScientistVeryVancouver3/9/2023Apply Now
Data Software DeveloperHootsuiteVancouver17/8/2023Apply Now
Senior Applied ResearcherSanctuary AIVancouver23/7/2023Apply Now
Reinforcement Learning Principal ScientistSanctuary AIVancouver23/7/2023Apply Now
Distinguished AI TechnologistSanctuary AIVancouver23/7/2023Apply Now
Machine Learning EngineerRedditVancouver9/7/2023Apply Now
Data ScientistZestyAIVancouver9/7/2023Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistZestyAIVancouver9/7/2023Apply Now
Senior Machine Learning ResearcherBorealis AIVancouver26/6/2023Apply Now
Senior Machine Learning Research LeadBorealis AIVancouver26/6/2023Apply Now
Data Platform EngineerGrammarlyVancouver18/6/2023Apply Now
Data Engineering LeadGrammarlyVancouver18/6/2023Apply Now
Senior Data EngineerBenchSciVancouver22/5/2023Apply Now
Principal Data EngineerClariVancouver22/5/2023Apply Now
Principal Data ScientistGeoComplyVancouver10/5/2023Apply Now
Data Platform ManagerGeoComplyVancouver10/5/2023Apply Now
Data ArchitectARCTERYXVancouver10/5/2023Apply Now
Data Engineering LeadARCTERYXVancouver10/5/2023Apply Now
Director, AnalyticsAritziaVancouver25/4/2023Apply Now
Senior Analytics EngineerAritziaVancouver25/4/2023Apply Now
NLP ResearcherHuaweiBurnaby4/4/2023Apply Now
Data ScientistPaypalVancouver19/3/2023Apply Now
Data Scientist IIPaypalVancouver19/3/2023Apply Now
Manager of R ServicesProCogiaVancouver19/3/2023Apply Now
R Developer ConsultantProCogiaVancouver19/3/2023Apply Now
Data Science ConsultantProCogiaVancouver19/3/2023Apply Now
Data ScientistFraser HealthSurrey12/3/2023Apply Now
Data ScientistIngrooves Music GroupVictoria5/3/2023Apply Now
Data EngineerIngrooves Music GroupVictoria5/3/2023Apply Now
Senior Machine Learning EngineerRedditRemote5/3/2023Apply Now
Senior Machine Learning EngineerRedditRemote5/3/2023Apply Now
Staff Machine Learning EngineerRedditRemote5/3/2023Apply Now
Lead Data ScientistVeryVancouver19/2/2023Apply Now
Senior Data Science DeveloperFortinetBurnaby29/1/2023Apply Now
Big Data Java LeadGlobal RelayVancouver29/1/2023Apply Now
Big Data DevOps EngineerGlobal RelayVancouver29/1/2023Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistGlobal RelayVancouver29/1/2023Apply Now
Senior NLP Data ScientistGlobal RelayVancouver29/1/2023Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistGlobal RelayVancouver29/1/2023Apply Now
Data Science LeadCritical MassVancouver15/1/2023Apply Now
Data Science InternBorealis AIVancouver8/1/2023Apply Now
Associate Data Science EducatorBrainStationVancouver3/1/2023Apply Now
Data Science EducatorBrainStationVancouver3/1/2023Apply Now
Data Science Co-opecoationVancouver28/12/2022Apply Now
Data EngineerJungle ScoutVancouver18/12/2022Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistBoeingRichmond11/12/2022Apply Now
Junior Data ScientistBoeingRichmond11/12/2022Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistBoeingRichmond11/12/2022Apply Now
Junior Data ScientistBoeingRichmond11/12/2022Apply Now
Statistical ScientistIQVIAVancouver11/12/2022Apply Now
Data ScientistTelusVancouver4/12/2022Apply Now
Data ScientistEAVancouver27/11/2022Apply Now
Data EngineerGrammarlyRemote27/11/2022Apply Now
Data ScientistGrammarlyRemote27/11/2022Apply Now
Data ScientistLightspark Inc.Vancouver27/11/2022Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistMatch GroupVancouver27/11/2022Apply Now
Principal Data ScientistMicrosoftVancouver20/11/2022Apply Now
Research EngineerBorealis AIVancouver16/10/2022Apply Now
Senior Machine Learning EngineerUnityVancouver2/10/2022Apply Now
Junior Data ScientistLululemonVancouver25/9/2022Apply Now
Data ScientistFinningSurrey11/9/2022Apply Now
Data ScientistFinningVancouver11/9/2022Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistFinningVancouver11/9/2022Apply Now
Director of Machine LearningDarkVisionVancouver11/9/2022Apply Now
Machine Learning ScientistDarkVisionVancouver11/9/2022Apply Now
Machine Learning EngineerMetaVancouver21/8/2022Apply Now
Senior Data EngineerSnapcommerceVancouver, Remote14/8/2022Apply Now

Navigating the Job Market in British Columbia: A Closer Look at Data Science

Introduction to British Columbia

Map of BC

British Columbia (BC), Canada's westernmost province, is known for its stunning natural landscapes, including breathtaking mountains and picturesque coastlines. It has a population of over 5 million people and is Canada's third-largest province by population. BC's economy is diverse, with significant contributions from sectors like real estate, construction, technology, and film production. In recent years, the technology sector, especially data science, has been growing significantly.

The Data Science Landscape in British Columbia

The data science field is flourishing in BC. Companies are increasingly leveraging data-driven strategies to make informed decisions and gain a competitive edge. The demand for data scientists has risen, and the job market offers a plethora of opportunities in both private and public sectors.

Vancouver, BC's largest city, has transformed into a significant tech hub. It's home to major tech giants like Amazon, Microsoft, and local Canadian tech firms like Telus and Canfor. These companies are constantly on the lookout for talented data scientists, making Vancouver an exciting city for aspiring and established data science professionals.

A Conversation with Matt L., Junior Data Scientist in BC

Portrait of Matt L., Data Scientist

Q: How would you describe your typical workday?

Matt L.: "As a junior data scientist, my day is quite varied. I could be cleaning and organizing data, developing predictive models, or presenting insights to my team. I love the variety—it keeps things exciting."

Q: What's the most rewarding aspect of your job?

Matt L.: "The ability to solve complex problems using data. It's incredible to see how our work influences strategic decisions and creates value for the company."

Q: What challenges do you face as a data scientist?

Matt L.: "Data science requires continuous learning. The field evolves so rapidly that it's essential to stay updated with new techniques and tools. It can be challenging, but it's also what makes this field so interesting."

Q: How would you describe the data science community in BC?

Matt L.: "The community here is very supportive and collaborative. There are numerous meetups, workshops, and conferences that offer great networking opportunities. It's exciting to be part of this vibrant ecosystem!"


Data science in British Columbia is a thriving field with a supportive and evolving community. Whether it's the competitive salary, the opportunity to work with major tech giants, or the exciting nature of the work itself, data science is a promising career choice in BC. Professionals like Matt find satisfaction in the diversity of their tasks and the significant impact of their work. As BC continues to grow as a tech hub, it's clear that the future for data scientists in this province is bright.

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