Job TitleCompanyLocationDate PostedUrl
Data ScientistMoov AIMontreal19/11/2023Apply Now
Data DeveloperMoov AIMontreal19/11/2023Apply Now
Data ScientistUbisoftMontreal2/11/2023Apply Now
Data ScientistUbisoftMontreal2/11/2023Apply Now
AI ProgrammerUbisoftMontreal2/11/2023Apply Now
Data Science Team LeadPotlocMontreal1/10/2023Apply Now
Director of Data EngineeringZinniaMontreal1/10/2023Apply Now
Machine Learning EngineerAAVAAMontreal17/9/2023Apply Now
Neuroscience Machine Learning EngineerAAVAAMontreal17/9/2023Apply Now
Senior Machine Learning EngineerOpenTableMontreal17/9/2023Apply Now
ML Engineering ManagerBenchSciMontreal12/9/2023Apply Now
Data AnalystUnityMontreal17/8/2023Apply Now
Intermediate Data Software DeveloperHootsuiteMontreal17/8/2023Apply Now
Machine Learning Senior ManagerSSENSEMontreal9/8/2023Apply Now
Data ScientistDialogueMontreal23/7/2023Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistLightspeedMontreal23/7/2023Apply Now
Data ScientistZestyAIMontreal9/7/2023Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistZestyAIMontreal9/7/2023Apply Now
Senior Machine Learning ResearcherBorealis AIMontreal26/6/2023Apply Now
Senior Machine Learning Research LeadBorealis AIMontreal26/6/2023Apply Now
Data Integration ManagerBombardierMontreal18/6/2023Apply Now
Senior Machine Learning EngineerMistplayMontreal11/6/2023Apply Now
Machine Learning Engineering ManagerBenchSciMontreal22/5/2023Apply Now
Data Platform ManagerGeoComplyMontreal10/5/2023Apply Now
Data Steward IITD BankMontreal26/4/2023Apply Now
Artificial Intelligence ResearcherAirLab Inc.Montreal25/4/2023Apply Now
Data EngineerIntact LabMontreal16/4/2023Apply Now
Senior Machine Learning EngineerIntact LabMontreal16/4/2023Apply Now
AI Business AnalystIntact LabMontreal16/4/2023Apply Now
Economy Data AnalystMistplayMontreal4/4/2023Apply Now
Analytics EngineerTrolleyMontreal26/3/2023Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistBig Fish GamesMontreal26/3/2023Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistAristocrat TechnologiesMontreal26/3/2023Apply Now
Data ScientistDRWMontreal12/3/2023Apply Now
Data AnalystDRWMontreal12/3/2023Apply Now
Junior Data EngineerLyftMontreal15/1/2023Apply Now
Data Science InternBorealis AIMontreal8/1/2023Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistMistplayMontreal8/1/2023Apply Now
Research InternGoogleMontreal8/1/2023Apply Now
Senior Python EngineerMcKinseyMontreal28/12/2022Apply Now
Data ScientistLyftMontreal18/12/2022Apply Now
Data Scientist, HardwareLyftMontreal18/12/2022Apply Now
Data ScientistTelusMontreal4/12/2022Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistSharethroughMontreal20/11/2022Apply Now
Data Science ManagerIntact LabMontreal14/11/2022Apply Now
Senior Machine Learning DeveloperIntact LabMontreal14/11/2022Apply Now
AI DeveloperIntact LabMontreal14/11/2022Apply Now
Machine Learning InternHuaweiMontreal6/11/2022Apply Now
Senior Data Solution ArchitectBellMontreal6/11/2022Apply Now
Machine Learning ResearcherBorealis AIMontreal16/10/2022Apply Now
Data Engineering ManagerBombardierMontreal9/10/2022Apply Now
Senior Data EngineerLightspeedMontreal9/10/2022Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistQuantumBlack AIMontreal2/10/2022Apply Now
AI Delivery ManagerIvadolabsMontreal2/10/2022Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistSun LifeMontreal18/9/2022Apply Now
Machine Learning EngineerDribbbleMontreal4/9/2022Apply Now
Data Scientistei3Montreal4/9/2022Apply Now
Artificial Intelligence ResearcherAirLab Inc.Montreal4/9/2022Apply Now
Junior AI ProgrammerAirLab Inc.Montreal4/9/2022Apply Now
Data ScientistMoov AIMontreal4/9/2022Apply Now
MLOps EngineerMoov AIMontreal4/9/2022Apply Now
Data ScientistCGIMontreal28/8/2022Apply Now
Data ScientistCGIMontreal28/8/2022Apply Now
Data EngineerCGIMontreal28/8/2022Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistOpenTextMontreal28/8/2022Apply Now
Machine Learning EngineerMetaMontreal21/8/2022Apply Now
Data ScientistMistplayMontreal14/8/2022Apply Now
Data EngineerMistplayMontreal14/8/2022Apply Now
Senior Data EngineerDialogueMontreal14/8/2022Apply Now

Find Data Science jobs in Montreal, Quebec!

Montreal has an abundance of tech talent and is one of the most affordable cities in the country. Montreal employs over 120,000 tech workers in a city of 1.76 million! Data scientists are included in these numbers.

Montreal has over 30 incubators and accelerators, including adMare Innovations, Cycle Momentum, Next AI, and the Creative Destruction Lab. Aside from startups, established tech companies with offices in Montreal include Amazon, IBM, SAP, and Ubisoft. Lots of jobs for talented data science experts!

Find out more about data science salaries in Montreal using our comprehensive Data Scientist Salary Guide! Our guide includes salary data based on experience, location, and cost of living in Montreal and across Canada.

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About Montreal

Map of Data Science Jobs In Montreal, QC, Canada

Montreal is located in the province of Quebec in the south east of Canada. Montreal is based in the Eastern Standard Time zone (EST). It is the second most populous city in Canada and the capital of the province of Quebec. The official language of Montreal is French, though it is one of the most bilingual cities in Canada.

Montreal is known for it's vibrant culture, as well as it's technology, education, finance, design, and tourism sectors.

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