Job TitleCompanyLocationDate PostedUrl
Data Scientist InternWealthsimpleToronto25/9/2022Apply Now
Data Science ManagerNorthbridgeToronto25/9/2022Apply Now
Junior Associate Data ScientistPublicis SapientToronto25/9/2022Apply Now
Junior Associate Data AnalyticsPublicis SapientToronto25/9/2022Apply Now
Data Scientist InternQuartic.aiToronto18/9/2022Apply Now
Data EngineerAIR MILESToronto18/9/2022Apply Now
Senior Data EngineerAIR MILESToronto18/9/2022Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistSun LifeToronto18/9/2022Apply Now
Associate Data ScientistIBMToronto18/9/2022Apply Now
Data EngineerCGIToronto28/8/2022Apply Now
Data ManagerLi-CycleToronto21/8/2022Apply Now
Machine Learning EngineerMetaToronto21/8/2022Apply Now
Data EngineerPeak PowerToronto7/8/2022Apply Now
Senior Data EngineerSlackToronto7/8/2022Apply Now
Data ScientistOverbondToronto31/7/2022Apply Now
Director of Data ScienceOverbondToronto31/7/2022Apply Now
Junior Data ScientistOverbondToronto31/7/2022Apply Now
Senior Data EngineerLoopioToronto31/7/2022Apply Now
Data ScientistAmazonToronto28/7/2022Apply Now
Data Scientist ITD BankToronto28/7/2022Apply Now
Data Scientist IITD BankToronto28/7/2022Apply Now
Junior Data ScientistParamount CommerceToronto10/7/2022Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistArctic WolfToronto10/7/2022Apply Now
Senior Data EngineerLunchboxToronto28/6/2022Apply Now
Machine Learning EngineerYelpToronto19/6/2022Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistRBCToronto19/6/2022Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistUberToronto12/6/2022Apply Now
Senior Data EngineerUberToronto12/6/2022Apply Now
Senior Applied ScientistUberToronto12/6/2022Apply Now
Data EngineerCoinsquareToronto12/6/2022Apply Now
Data EngineerIntact LabToronto6/6/2022Apply Now
Senior Data EngineerdropToronto29/5/2022Apply Now
Data EngineerdropToronto29/5/2022Apply Now
Data AnalystdropToronto29/5/2022Apply Now
Senior Data EngineerUpliftToronto13/5/2022Apply Now
Senior Data Platform EngineerUpliftToronto13/5/2022Apply Now
Data EngineerUpliftToronto13/5/2022Apply Now
Data Science Senior ManagerVanguardToronto9/5/2022Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistSquareToronto9/5/2022Apply Now
Data ScientistSquareToronto9/5/2022Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistOracleToronto1/5/2022Apply Now
ML Research InternOracleToronto1/5/2022Apply Now
Research ScientistMetaToronto24/4/2022Apply Now
Data Science ManagerCapital OneToronto24/4/2022Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistCapital OneToronto24/4/2022Apply Now
Data Catalog LeadershipWayfairToronto18/4/2022Apply Now
Data Science Tech LeadWayfairToronto18/4/2022Apply Now
Data ScientistWayfairToronto18/4/2022Apply Now
Senior Data Science AnalystBMOToronto10/4/2022Apply Now
Data EngineerBMOToronto10/4/2022Apply Now
Senior Data ArchitectBMOToronto10/4/2022Apply Now
Director, Data ArchitectureBMOToronto10/4/2022Apply Now
Data ScientistDeloitteToronto10/4/2022Apply Now
Cloud Data ArchitctDeloitteToronto10/4/2022Apply Now
Senior Data EngineerDeloitteToronto10/4/2022Apply Now
ML Ops EngineerDeloitteToronto10/4/2022Apply Now
Data Science SpecialistIntact LabToronto2/4/2022Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistWattpadToronto2/4/2022Apply Now
Senior Data Solutions ArchitectRogersToronto27/3/2022Apply Now
Machine Learning Product EngineerLayer 6Toronto27/3/2022Apply Now
Machine Learning Tech LeadLayer 6Toronto27/3/2022Apply Now
Lead Solution EngineerSalesforceToronto19/3/2022Apply Now
Applied Research ScientistThompson ReutersToronto19/3/2022Apply Now
Data EngineerTelusToronto19/3/2022Apply Now
Senior ML EngineerThompson ReutersToronto19/3/2022Apply Now
Data ScientistTelusToronto19/3/2022Apply Now
Data EngineerCanada LifeToronto13/3/2022Apply Now
Data ScientistTop HatToronto13/3/2022Apply Now
Data Scientist IITD BankToronto13/3/2022Apply Now
Machine Learning ScientistTD BankToronto13/3/2022Apply Now
Data Science ManagerAmazonToronto13/3/2022Apply Now
Sr. Data EngineerAmazonToronto13/3/2022Apply Now
Senior Big Data DeveloperCIBCToronto13/3/2022Apply Now
Data EngineerLoblaw DigitalToronto13/3/2022Apply Now
Senior Data EngineerLoblaw DigitalToronto13/3/2022Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistLoblaw DigitalToronto13/3/2022Apply Now
Senior Data EngineerLoblaw DigitalToronto13/3/2022Apply Now
Senior Machine Learning EngineerLoblaw DigitalToronto13/3/2022Apply Now

Find Data Science jobs in Toronto, Ontario, Canada!

Toronto is a global hub for technology, with a host of top tech companies and startups. The Toronto region accounts for 26% of Canada's employment in the technology industry! That's 288,000 tech jobs in a city of 2.93 million. Data science jobs in Toronto are included in the tech job count.

The biggest technology employers all have offices in Toronto: Google, Meta, Microsoft, Uber, Apple, Amazon, and Pinterest, to name a few. In addition to the big names, Toronto is also a hub for innovation. Notable innovation communities include the MaRS Discovery District, York University's YSpace, the Creative Destruction Lab, and ventureLAB. Companies from both these groups recruit data scientists in Toronto!

Check out our comprehensive Canadian Data Scientist Salary Guide for more information on data science salaries in Toronto, and associated costs of living!

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About Toronto

Map of Data Science Jobs In Toronto, Canada

Toronto is located in south eastern Ontario in the south east of Canada. Toronto is based in the Eastern Time Zone (EST). It is the forth most populous city in North America and is the city with the highest population in Canada.

Toronto is known for it's diverse population, and is a prominent centre for technology, culture, media, tourism, banking, and education. Toronto is the site of the CN Tower, the tallest free-standing structure on land outside of Asia.