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Vancouver has a rapidly growing tech sector, recently identified as the third fastest growing tech hub in North America. Top tech companies and startups are in Vancouver, with Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Meta, Salesforce and Slack among the big names. The Vancouver Metro area has over 75,000 technology workers in an area of 2.64 million! Data science professionals make up a subset of this population.

Vancouver is part of the "Cascadia Innovation Corridor", a cross-border initiative aiming to create opportunity and prosperity. The corridor is comprised of Vancouver, Seattle, and Portland. Vancouver shares a time zone with silicon valley which makes it an attractive location for workers looking to live in Canada. Incubators in Vancouver include Expa, Innovate BC, the Creative Destruction Lab, and Launch Academy. Startups and tech giants alike are looking to hire data scientists in Vancouver!

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About Vancouver

Map of Data Science Jobs In Vancouver, BC

Vancouver is located in the province of British Columbia on the western coast of Canada. Vancouver is based in the Pacific Time Zone (PST). It is the forth most populous city in North America and is the city with the highest population in Canada.

Vancouver is known for it's beautiful mountains, it's proximity to the ocean, and the diversity of it's population. Vancouver is a hotspot for technology, film production, forestry, and tourism.