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Calgary has one of the fastest growing tech scenes in North America. Investment has soared in 2022 and experts note the city is gaining traction. Large technology companies like Sidetrade and Mphasis have announced offices in Calgary, expecting to generate hundreds of tech jobs. The list above captures currently available employment opportunities.

Despite growth, Calgary's tech industry is still overshadowed by Toronto and Vancouver's, which are comparatively much larger. Historically, Calgary has struggled to retain technology talent due to a lack of opportunities. Advantages of living in Calgary are it's proximity to stunning mountains and world class hiking trails, paired with a relatively low cost of living when compared with the larger tech capitals of Canada.

Calgary is the home of the University of Calgary, which has graduate programs and Masters Degrees in Data Science and Analytics.

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About Calgary

Map of Data Science Jobs In Calgary, Alberta

Calgary is located in western Canada and is the largest city in the province of Alberta. Calgary is home to about 1.3 million people. Calgary is based in the Mountain Time Zone (MST). In 2022, Calgary was the first in North America and tied for third globally in Economist Intelligence's Global Livability Index.

Calgary is famous for being the first city in Canada to host the Olympic games, in 1988. Calgary is also known for it's energy, technology, and tourism sectors.

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