Find Data Science jobs in Halifax, Nova Scotia!

While Halifax is not a major tech hub in Canada, Nova Scotia's tech sector is seeing growth. Over the last 5 years, Halifax's tech workforce has grown by 24%. Growth can be attributed to it's low cost of living, aging workforce, and the increasing prevalency remote work. Notable technology companies with offices in Halifax include IBM and Wattpad.

The list above includes data science opportunities in Halifax, but check out Remote Data Science Jobs in Canada if you're interested in living in Halifax without an office commute.

For data scientist job training, Halifax is the home of Dalhousie University, which offers a Certificate in Data Science. Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC) has a campus in Halifax and offers a diploma in IT Data Analytics.

Check out our comprehensive Canadian Data Scientist Salary Guide for detailed information on data science salaries in Halifax and across Canada.

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About Halifax

Map of Data Science Jobs In Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax is the capital of the province of Nova Scotia, located on the East coast of Canada. Halifax is the largest municipality in the region and is home to about 400k people. Halifax is in the Atlantic Time Zone (AST).

Halifax is known for it's friendly population and is a major economic centre for "Atlantic Canada". Popular employment areas include government agencies, tourism, fishing, agriculture, mining, and natural gas extraction.

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