Job TitleCompanyLocationDate PostedUrl
Data ScientistVeevaToronto24/9/2023Apply Now
Data EngineerVeevaToronto24/9/2023Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistVeevaToronto24/9/2023Apply Now
Data EngineerPlusgradeToronto24/9/2023Apply Now
Senior Machine Learning EngineerOpenTableToronto17/9/2023Apply Now
Machine Learning EngineerLoblaw DigitalToronto12/9/2023Apply Now
Senior Machine Learning EngineerLoblaw DigitalToronto12/9/2023Apply Now
Data Science InternWealthsimpleToronto12/9/2023Apply Now
ML Engineering ManagerBenchSciToronto12/9/2023Apply Now
ML Engineering ManagerBenchSciOttawa12/9/2023Apply Now
Senior Machine Learning EngineerBenchSciToronto12/9/2023Apply Now
Machine Learning EngineerDeep GenomicsToronto12/9/2023Apply Now
Data EngineerBadalToronto12/9/2023Apply Now
Lead Data EngineerBadalToronto12/9/2023Apply Now
Senior Data EngineerBadalToronto12/9/2023Apply Now
Data Engineering LeadEnableToronto3/9/2023Apply Now
Data EngineerPaytmToronto3/9/2023Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistPaytmToronto3/9/2023Apply Now
Senior Machine Learning EngineerGetty ImagesToronto3/9/2023Apply Now
Data ScientistFocal SystemsToronto27/8/2023Apply Now
Applied Research ScientistThompson ReutersToronto27/8/2023Apply Now
Senior Applied Research ScientistThompson ReutersToronto27/8/2023Apply Now
Sr Applied Research ScientistThompson ReutersToronto27/8/2023Apply Now
Sr Applied Research EngineerThompson ReutersToronto27/8/2023Apply Now
Applied Machine Learning ScientistThompson ReutersToronto27/8/2023Apply Now
Sr Applied Machine Learning ScientistThompson ReutersToronto27/8/2023Apply Now
Senior Machine Learning EngineerSoundHoundToronto20/8/2023Apply Now
Machine Learning EngineertheScoreToronto20/8/2023Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistUnityToronto17/8/2023Apply Now
Intermediate Data Software DeveloperHootsuiteToronto17/8/2023Apply Now
Intermediate Data Software DeveloperHootsuiteOttawa17/8/2023Apply Now
Data Software DeveloperHootsuiteToronto17/8/2023Apply Now
Machine Learning Senior ManagerSSENSEToronto9/8/2023Apply Now
Data Science Senior ManagerWalmartMississauga9/8/2023Apply Now
Data Science ManagerWalmartMississauga9/8/2023Apply Now
Senior Data Science AnalystWalmartMississauga9/8/2023Apply Now
Senior Data EngineerWalmartMississauga9/8/2023Apply Now
Senior Data EngineerWalmartMississauga9/8/2023Apply Now
Data Scientist IITD BankToronto6/8/2023Apply Now
Data Scientist ITD BankToronto6/8/2023Apply Now
Data Analytics EngineerIBMDurham6/8/2023Apply Now
Fraud Data ScientistInteracToronto6/8/2023Apply Now
Data EngineerKinaxisOttawa30/7/2023Apply Now
Data Engineering ManagerKinaxisOttawa30/7/2023Apply Now
Senior Data EngineerShyftLabsToronto30/7/2023Apply Now
Machine Learning EngineerShakudoToronto23/7/2023Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistLightspeedToronto23/7/2023Apply Now
Data EngineerWattpadToronto16/7/2023Apply Now
Analytics Data EngineerWattpadToronto16/7/2023Apply Now
Lead Data EngineerHorizonToronto16/7/2023Apply Now
Senior Machine Learning EngineerWaabiToronto16/7/2023Apply Now
Machine Learning ScientistProteinQureToronto16/7/2023Apply Now
Machine Learning Team LeadProteinQureToronto16/7/2023Apply Now
Senior Data EngineerViral NationKitchener9/7/2023Apply Now
VP Data ScienceViral NationKitchener9/7/2023Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistZestyAIToronto9/7/2023Apply Now
Data AnalystDurham Region TransitWhitby27/6/2023Apply Now
Senior Data EngineerSpotHeroToronto26/6/2023Apply Now
Manager of Data ScienceMcKinseyToronto26/6/2023Apply Now
Senior Machine Learning ResearcherBorealis AIToronto26/6/2023Apply Now
Senior Machine Learning ResearcherBorealis AIWaterloo26/6/2023Apply Now
Senior Machine Learning Research LeadBorealis AIToronto26/6/2023Apply Now
Senior Machine Learning Research LeadBorealis AIWaterloo26/6/2023Apply Now
Senior Analytics AdvisorInteracToronto26/6/2023Apply Now
Data Scientist InternCeridianToronto26/6/2023Apply Now
Principal Data StrategistCeridianRemote26/6/2023Apply Now
Data EngineerKlickToronto18/6/2023Apply Now
Senior Data EngineerExtreme NetworksToronto11/6/2023Apply Now
Senior Machine Learning EngineerExtreme NetworksToronto11/6/2023Apply Now
Senior Machine Learning ScientistExtreme NetworksToronto11/6/2023Apply Now
Senior Data EngineerRelayToronto11/6/2023Apply Now
Data EngineerilluminToronto4/6/2023Apply Now
Data EngineerUpliftToronto4/6/2023Apply Now
Data EngineerBadalToronto4/6/2023Apply Now
Lead Data EngineerBadalToronto4/6/2023Apply Now
Senior Data EngineerBadalToronto4/6/2023Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistGeotabOakville22/5/2023Apply Now
Machine Learning Engineering ManagerBenchSciToronto22/5/2023Apply Now
Machine Learning Engineering ManagerBenchSciOttawa22/5/2023Apply Now
Senior Machine Learning EngineerBenchSciToronto22/5/2023Apply Now
Senior Machine Learning EngineerBenchSciToronto22/5/2023Apply Now
Senior Data EngineerBenchSciToronto22/5/2023Apply Now
Principal Data EngineerClariToronto22/5/2023Apply Now
Principal Data ScientistGeoComplyToronto10/5/2023Apply Now
Data Engineering LeadFullscriptOttawa10/5/2023Apply Now
Data ScientistStripeToronto26/4/2023Apply Now
Senior Data EngineerRBCToronto26/4/2023Apply Now
Data Scientist IITD BankToronto26/4/2023Apply Now
Data Scientist IITD BankToronto26/4/2023Apply Now
Data Steward ITD BankToronto26/4/2023Apply Now
Machine Learning DeveloperMagnet ForensicsOttawa26/4/2023Apply Now
Machine Learning DeveloperMagnet ForensicsWaterloo26/4/2023Apply Now
Data Science ManagerCanadian Wildlife FederationOttawa26/4/2023Apply Now
Data ScientistCineplexToronto25/4/2023Apply Now
Data ArchitectTCSToronto25/4/2023Apply Now
Data EngineerIntact LabToronto16/4/2023Apply Now
AI Business AnalystIntact LabToronto16/4/2023Apply Now
Senior Machine Learning EngineerIntact LabToronto16/4/2023Apply Now
Data EngineerWealthsimpleToronto16/4/2023Apply Now
Data ScientistDeep GenomicsRemote4/4/2023Apply Now
Data ScientistDeep GenomicsToronto4/4/2023Apply Now
Research ScientistDeep GenomicsToronto4/4/2023Apply Now
Staff Machine Learning EngineerDeep GenomicsToronto4/4/2023Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistNoibuOttawa4/4/2023Apply Now
Senior Data ModelerCIBCToronto4/4/2023Apply Now
Senior Data EngineerCIBCToronto4/4/2023Apply Now
Analytics EngineerTrolleyToronto26/3/2023Apply Now
Data Science InternKinaxisToronto12/3/2023Apply Now
Senior Manager, Data EngineeringEnableToronto26/2/2023Apply Now
Senior Technical Product ManagerSystem1Guelph26/2/2023Apply Now
Senior Machine Learning EngineerBinanceToronto26/2/2023Apply Now
Staff Data DeveloperWalmartToronto26/2/2023Apply Now
Data Developer IIIWalmartToronto26/2/2023Apply Now
Director, Analytics and Data ScienceWalmartMississauga26/2/2023Apply Now
Sr. Manager Data ScienceMejuriToronto19/2/2023Apply Now
Data Scientist - OperationsDaisy IntelligenceToronto19/2/2023Apply Now
Data ScientistAssuranceToronto19/2/2023Apply Now
Data ScientistValidereToronto12/2/2023Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistValidereToronto12/2/2023Apply Now
Data EngineerValidereToronto12/2/2023Apply Now
Senior Data EngineerValidereToronto12/2/2023Apply Now
Director, Analytics Report DevelopmentSGIToronto9/2/2023Apply Now
Data Solutions ArchitectCanada LifeToronto6/2/2023Apply Now
Data Solutions ArchitectCanada LifeLondon6/2/2023Apply Now
Big Data ConsultantCIBCToronto6/2/2023Apply Now
Director of Data ScienceStantecOttawa22/1/2023Apply Now
Python Senior ConsultantVirtusa CorporationToronto22/1/2023Apply Now
Research Science InternAmazonToronto22/1/2023Apply Now
NLP InternshipAmazonToronto22/1/2023Apply Now
Neuron Compiler ML EngineerAmazonToronto22/1/2023Apply Now
Principal Research Data ScientistVanguardToronto15/1/2023Apply Now
Data ScientistSquareToronto15/1/2023Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistSquareKitchener15/1/2023Apply Now
Senior Machine Learning EngineerUberToronto15/1/2023Apply Now
Senior Staff ML EngineerUberToronto15/1/2023Apply Now
Junior Data EngineerLyftToronto15/1/2023Apply Now
Data Science InternBorealis AIToronto8/1/2023Apply Now
Data Science InternBorealis AIWaterloo8/1/2023Apply Now
AI Software DeveloperGoogleWaterloo8/1/2023Apply Now
Research InternGoogleToronto8/1/2023Apply Now
Research InternGoogleWaterloo8/1/2023Apply Now
Data ScientistManulifeToronto3/1/2023Apply Now
Associate Data ScientistManulifeToronto3/1/2023Apply Now
Senior Data EngineerManulifeWaterloo3/1/2023Apply Now
Junior Data ScientistOMERSToronto3/1/2023Apply Now
Data EngineerOMERSToronto3/1/2023Apply Now
Data Science InternOMERSToronto3/1/2023Apply Now
Data Science ManagerPMIToronto3/1/2023Apply Now
Associate Data Science EducatorBrainStationToronto3/1/2023Apply Now
Data Science EducatorBrainStationToronto3/1/2023Apply Now
Data ScientistCanadian TireOakville28/12/2022Apply Now
Data Science AssociateCanadian TireToronto28/12/2022Apply Now
Data ScientistCanadian TireToronto28/12/2022Apply Now
Senior Python EngineerMcKinseyToronto28/12/2022Apply Now
Data EngineerPriceMetrixToronto28/12/2022Apply Now
Data ScientistPepsiCoMississauga28/12/2022Apply Now
Senior Data EngineerWattpadToronto18/12/2022Apply Now
Data ScientistLyftToronto18/12/2022Apply Now
Senior Data EngineerSpotHeroToronto4/12/2022Apply Now
Staff Data EngineerSpotHeroToronto4/12/2022Apply Now
Director, Data ScienceRakuten KoboToronto4/12/2022Apply Now
Data ScientistRakuten KoboToronto4/12/2022Apply Now
Data ScientistTelusOttawa4/12/2022Apply Now
Data ScientistDeloitteToronto20/11/2022Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistNielsenIQMarkham20/11/2022Apply Now
Data ScientistPointsToronto20/11/2022Apply Now
Data ScientistSwiss ReToronto20/11/2022Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistSharethroughToronto20/11/2022Apply Now
Senior Data EngineerIngram MicroToronto6/11/2022Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistBellMississauga6/11/2022Apply Now
Senior Machine Learning EngineerLoblaw DigitalToronto6/11/2022Apply Now
Senior Machine Learning EngineerLoblaw DigitalToronto6/11/2022Apply Now
Machine Learning EngineerSOTIMississauga6/11/2022Apply Now
Senior Data Solution ArchitectBellMississauga6/11/2022Apply Now
Machine Learning Senior ManagerBellToronto6/11/2022Apply Now
Data Science InternCeridianToronto30/10/2022Apply Now
Data Science InternKinaxisToronto30/10/2022Apply Now
Data ScientistKinaxisToronto30/10/2022Apply Now
Data Science ManagerBlueDotToronto30/10/2022Apply Now
Data Science ManagerShift TechnologyToronto (Hybrid)30/10/2022Apply Now
Data Science InternBMOToronto23/10/2022Apply Now
Data Science InternInteracToronto23/10/2022Apply Now
Senior Data EngineerInteracToronto23/10/2022Apply Now
Data Engineer ConsultantAdastraToronto16/10/2022Apply Now
Data Science SpecialistCelesticaToronto16/10/2022Apply Now
Principal, Data ManagementSoftchoiceToronto16/10/2022Apply Now
Research EngineerBorealis AIWaterloo16/10/2022Apply Now
Machine Learning ResearcherBorealis AIToronto16/10/2022Apply Now
Director, Data ScienceBlackBerryWaterloo9/10/2022Apply Now
Director, Data ScienceBlackBerryMississauga9/10/2022Apply Now
Senior Machine Learning EngineerBlackBerryWaterloo9/10/2022Apply Now
Senior Machine Learning EngineerBlackBerryMississauga9/10/2022Apply Now
Senior Data EngineerLightspeedToronto9/10/2022Apply Now
Senior Data EngineerLightspeedOttawa9/10/2022Apply Now
Data ScientistWishToronto9/10/2022Apply Now
Senior Machine Learning EngineerWishToronto9/10/2022Apply Now
Data Science Product AssociateNew Power LabsToronto2/10/2022Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistQuantumBlack AIToronto2/10/2022Apply Now
Data EngineerInfosysMississauga2/10/2022Apply Now
Python Data EngineerInfosysMississauga2/10/2022Apply Now
Data Scientist InternWealthsimpleToronto25/9/2022Apply Now
Data Scientist InternWealthsimpleRemote25/9/2022Apply Now
Data Science ManagerNorthbridgeToronto25/9/2022Apply Now
Junior Associate Data ScientistPublicis SapientToronto25/9/2022Apply Now
Junior Associate Data AnalyticsPublicis SapientToronto25/9/2022Apply Now
Data Scientist InternNestleNorth York25/9/2022Apply Now
Data Engineering InternNestleNorth York25/9/2022Apply Now
Data Scientist InternQuartic.aiToronto18/9/2022Apply Now
Data EngineerAIR MILESToronto18/9/2022Apply Now
Senior Data EngineerAIR MILESToronto18/9/2022Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistSun LifeToronto18/9/2022Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistSun LifeWaterloo18/9/2022Apply Now
Associate Data ScientistIBMToronto18/9/2022Apply Now
Data EngineerCGIToronto28/8/2022Apply Now
Senior Principal Data ScientistOpenTextWaterloo28/8/2022Apply Now
Senior Principal Data ScientistOpenTextRichmond Hill28/8/2022Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistOpenTextWaterloo28/8/2022Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistOpenTextRichmond Hill28/8/2022Apply Now
Senior Data ScientistOpenTextMississauga28/8/2022Apply Now
Data ManagerLi-CycleToronto21/8/2022Apply Now
Machine Learning EngineerMetaToronto21/8/2022Apply Now
Machine Learning EngineerMetaOttawa21/8/2022Apply Now
Senior Data EngineerSnapcommerceToronto, Remote14/8/2022Apply Now
Senior Data EngineerApplyBoardKitchener14/8/2022Apply Now
Machine Learning EngineerDeep GenomicsToronto, Remote14/8/2022Apply Now
Machine Learning ScientistDeep GenomicsToronto, Remote14/8/2022Apply Now
Data EngineerNoibuOttawa7/8/2022Apply Now
Data ScientistNoibuOttawa7/8/2022Apply Now
Expert Advisor, Data ScienceOntario Institute for Cancer ResearchToronto, Remote7/8/2022Apply Now
Data Science ManagerBlueDotToronto, Remote7/8/2022Apply Now
Data Systems DeveloperBlueDotToronto, Remote7/8/2022Apply Now
Data EngineerPeak PowerToronto7/8/2022Apply Now
Senior Data EngineerSlackToronto7/8/2022Apply Now

The Data-Driven Job Market in Ontario: Roles, Responsibilities, and Opportunities

About Ontario

Map of Ontario

Ontario is the most populous province in Canada, home to more than 14 million people, accounting for nearly 40% of the country's total population. The province boasts a diverse economy that includes sectors such as manufacturing, services, mining, and forestry. Over the past few years, Ontario has seen a major shift towards the technology sector, making it a significant hotspot for tech-related jobs, including data science, data engineering, and machine learning engineering roles.

In particular, Ontario's capital, Toronto, and the Waterloo region are renowned for their technology and innovation sectors. They house numerous tech companies ranging from startups to multinational corporations like Google, Amazon, and Meta. This positions Ontario as a compelling destination for professionals and aspiring individuals in data science and machine learning fields.

The Job Market

Ontario's job market is known for its resilience and diversity. The province's job market has remained relatively robust, partly due to the ongoing digital transformation across multiple sectors. The increasing reliance on data-driven insights and artificial intelligence in Ontario's economy has boosted demand for data scientists, data engineers, and machine learning engineers.

According to the Brookfield Institute, tech jobs in Canada grew by 24% between 2006 and 2016, with Ontario accounting for a large portion of this increase. The province offers competitive salaries, with the median income for tech jobs generally being higher than other sectors. In May 2023, the Information and Communications Technology Council reported that Ontario will be facing shortages in the creative technology sector. Between 2019 and 2028, Ontario Tech Talent estimates there will be 27,500 job openings with common skills including data analytics and software development.

The average annual salary for a data scientist in Ontario is around $90,000 to $120,000 CAD, while data engineers and machine learning engineers can earn between $80,000 to $130,000 CAD depending on their experience and skillset.

Working as a Data Scientist in Ontario

Data scientists are in high demand in Ontario, working across various industries from finance and healthcare to retail and technology. Their primary role involves extracting insights from vast amounts of structured and unstructured data, helping companies to make strategic decisions based on these findings.

A data scientist's work in Ontario is challenging yet rewarding. Professionals in this field have access to vast resources, networks, and opportunities to grow and learn. Ontario's robust tech ecosystem offers constant opportunities to collaborate and innovate. Many companies also provide support for continuing education and professional development, further enhancing the attractiveness of this role.

The Life of a Data Engineer in Ontario

Data engineers play an integral role in managing and preparing big data infrastructure. They are tasked with building and maintaining systems that allow for efficient data collection, storage, and processing.

In Ontario, data engineers have opportunities to work in a wide range of industries. They often work in close collaboration with data scientists, ensuring the data is clean, reliable, and ready for analysis. With the increasing demand for big data solutions in Ontario, data engineers have a favorable job market.

Machine Learning Engineering in Ontario

Machine learning engineers in Ontario work at the cutting edge of AI technology. Their role involves creating algorithms that allow machines to learn from data and make decisions or predictions. They're often required to have a strong background in computer science and mathematics.

Ontario offers substantial opportunities for machine learning engineers due to its burgeoning AI sector. Toronto, in particular, is a leading AI hub with a high concentration of AI startups and research institutes such as the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence.


Ontario provides a dynamic and fertile ground for professionals in data science, data engineering, and machine learning engineering. Its resilient job market, diverse economy, and thriving tech sector offer a wealth of opportunities. Whether you're an experienced professional or a recent graduate, the province has a lot to offer in terms of career growth, competitive salaries, and an innovative work environment.

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