Ambyint is hiring a Senior Data Scientist in Energy Transition Engineering in Calgary!

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Senior Data Scientist in Energy Transition Engineering

Data Science Team – Permanent Position

Required Location: Calgary, Canada

Ambyint is a SaaS company that provides an Industrial IoT platform, leveraging physics-influenced AI models, plus closed-loop control to enable autonomous operations. As a result, we are an instrumental part of the climate technology evolution and a market leader in production optimization for the energy industry. We deliver step-change improvements to our customers by combining advanced physics, subject matter expertise, and data-informed insights with AI to automate operations and production optimization workflows. We are coming off a strong year and our ambitions are set even higher with:

  • High Recurring Revenue Growth
  • Proven Technology
  • Strong Vision
  • Additional Strategic Growth Plays
  • GHG Emissions Impact

As a Data Scientist at Ambyint, you will report to the Chief Data Scientist with the objective of leveraging/applying innovative machine learning and data mining technologies for solving a diverse set of problems related to the energy sector.


  • Spearhead the development and provide SME insights into our artificial lift products, which amalgamates state-of-the art AI with the latest in physics and engineering
  • Provide research and expertise as we explore expansion in alternative energy platforms
  • Work independently and as a team member to deliver a successful product to market
  • Use your background and experience in numerical optimization, machine learning, general algorithm development, data science and analytics as well as engineering experience and statistical learning
  • Utilize dataset experience in document, graph, log data, and semi-structured data
  • Employ your knowledge of distributed computing solutions and leverage them in gaining faster insights from data
  • Work regularly in the Cloud
  • Utilize SCRUM and Agile methodologies to complete tasks and accomplish workflows
  • Salary range: $105,000 - $125,000


  • PhD degree in Engineering, or related field from accredited university
  • 5+ years’ work experience designing and developing energy engineering and general numerical algorithm-based solutions
  • Excellent understanding and practical experience with scientific software development, numerical algorithms, and implementation of software-based engineering solutions
  • Experience and deep knowledge of wind energy industry including wind turbines operational data analytics, physics based simulations and models development
  • Experience with application of signal processing and vibration analysis for wind turbines and other rotating equipment
  • Research experience with application of machine learning methods for classification and pattern recognition
  • Big Data mining experience including cloud-based data querying, auditing, aggregation, validation, and reconciliation
  • Proven experience in Data Science, data analytics, advanced signal processing and statistical learning
  • Experience working in cloud environments (particularly AWS, Snowflake, etc) and MLOps frameworks
  • Extensive experience with Python-based data science toolkits, such as Pytorch, Scikit-learn, TensorFlow etc
  • Knowledge of gas lift and other artificial lift types
  • English speaker, preferred

WHAT SETS YOU APART- The gratification of a job well done comes from the satisfaction of your ‘customers’

  • It’s in your nature to be efficient and do it really well, while you always deliver on what you promise
  • Your strengths come from collaborating with others
  • Continuous learning and improvement is part of your mantra
  • You are curious, creative, biased for action, and love solving problems
  • You don’t assume that you are the best and have the humility to learn from others


Ambyint is a scale-up company, possessing all the exciting edginess of a start-up with solutions that are proven and advancing daily. We pride ourselves on the strength of our team and company, and the positive environmental impact we are driving. We live by a simple and effective set of values.


The opportunity to make a difference in a cutting-edge technology company that is highly spirited and focused on being a leading contributor in the energy transition space. We offer an environment steeped in creating a rewarding professional experience and having some fun along the way. We work in a hybrid working environment with a diverse and talented team. We have a passion for taking on big challenges to create a wealth of opportunities and we will support your development and career goals. Additionally, we offer a competitive compensation and benefits package.


At Ambyint, diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the core of who we are. Our commitment to these values is unwavering – across all our work, teams, and interactions with customers. They are central to our mission and to our impact. The understanding that having varied perspectives and backgrounds helps generate richer ideas to solve the complex problems of a changing, and increasingly diverse, world is paramount to who we are and how we work together as a team.

If you are a passionate professional that likes to work in a diverse team environment supporting an entrepreneurial culture with a focus on delivering exceptional value for our customers, we invite you to apply. This is your opportunity to join a growing company offering a competitive base salary and benefits. Send us your resume and cover letter to and let us know why you’re interested in joining our team.


4030 8th St. SE,

Calgary, AB T2G 3A7

1(800) 205-1311

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